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28.04. - 07.05.2017:
Rheingauer Schlemmerwochen in den Lorcher Weingütern
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Stadt Lorch am Rhein


Hotel Zur Krone (Ruhetag: Mi)
Winzerhaus (Sa/So 11:30h-21:30/ Mo und Fr 17h -21h)
Ristorante Pizzeria Etna (Di.-Mi.17:30h-23h, Do.-So 12h - 14h und 17.30h-23h, Mo Ruhetag)
Weinschenke & Restaurant Hilchenkeller (Di-Fr ab 16:30h, Sa/So ab 14h, Montag Ruhetag)
Museums-Cafe (Sa/So/Feiertag 14h-17h)

Gutsschänken / Straußwirtschaften in Lorch/Lorchhausen:

Weinhaus Freistaat Flaschenhals (Di/Mi/Fr ab 17h/Sa/So/Feiertag ab 12:30h)
Gasthof Perabo (Mo-Sa 18h/So.16h/Mi Ruhetag)
Vinothek/Weinwirtschaft Laquai (Mi-Fr 17h, Sa, So u. Feiertage 15h, Mo und Mi Ruhetage - außer Feiertage)
Weingut Germersheimer (Do/Fr ab 17h, Sa/So/ ab 15h)
Weingut Rössler (tägl.ab 14h/Mi Ruhetag)
Weingut Wurm (Fr ab 17h Sa, So, Feiertag ab 15h)
Weingut Nies (Sa ab 16h/So, Feiertag ab15h)
Weingut Mohr (Fr/Sa ab 17h, So/Feiertag ab15h)
In der Schlemmerwoche:
Weingut Muno (Mo-Fr 17h/So+Feiertag 15h)
Weingut Weiler (Fr/Sa 17h/So 15h)
Weingut Graf von Kanitz (Sa/So 11h-18h)
Landart-Ransel (Do-So ab 11 h)
Cafè & Weinstube
Bäcker`s Röschen (Do.-So./Feiertag 14h-22h)

Gasthaus "Laukenmühle" (Di-So 11h-19h Montag Ruhetag)
Café/Restaurant "Alte Villa" (So 11h-18h)

Gasthof Dorfschänke (Mo-Fr ab 16 h, Sa/So/Feiertag ab 11 h, Dienstag Ruhetag)
Zur Linde (Mo,Di,Fr,Sa ab 17 Uhr, So ab 11.00 Uhr; Ruhetag: Mi+Do)

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Luftkurort Espenschied

Verkehrsverein Espenschied
Otto-Korn-Str. 9
65391 Lorch-Espenschied

Tel. 06775 – 82 77 und 06775 – 425
Fax: 06775 – 425
E-mail: E-Mail versenden.

Wappen Luftkurort Espenschied
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Wappen Luftkurort Espenschied

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Luftkurort Espenschied

In unserem Luftkurort wurde am 16. Mai 2009 ein neuer Wanderweg eröffnet: der WispertalSteig.
Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie unter: www.wispertalsteig.de

Climatic Spa Espenschied
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The state-approved climatic spa of Espenschied, first mentioned in documents in 1187, is situated amidst a protected landscape in the Nature Park Rheingau-Taunus.
The houses which were placed under protection and the village church which is more than 300 years old make history come alive, the old roofs made of natural slate are reminiscent of the former slate mining in the town.
Hikers and nature lovers will find quiet and relaxation in and around Espenschied. From the historical village square with the old linden tree hiking and loop trails lead along meadows and woods down towards the romantic valley Wispertal and its tributary valleys or via more elevated routes into the direction of Schönau Monastery. In this wild and romantic landscape, where flora and fauna are still intact, numerous long-distance trails, among these the hiking trails “Gebück-Wanderweg“, the “Wisperwanderweg“ and “Taunushöhen-Weg“ intersect. Espenschied offers a particular highlight of the hiker’s paradise with the new hiking trail WispertalSteig which was opened in May 2009.
The traditional Kerb (“funfair”) is celebrated in Espenschied each year on the weekend after 15 August.
Quelle: Kulturland Rheingau www.kulturland-rheingau.de

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